Do you want to apply and sign up for a course from the Université Grenoble Alpes? Please be aware that the procedure differs depending on the diploma you want to take, the diploma you have already obtained and, for foreign students, your place of residence. Let us be your guide!

A three-stage procedure

  1. Admission and/or application stage
    This stage checks that you meet the required criteria to access the course.
  2. Administrative enrolment stage
    This stage involves the payment of tuition fees and a student card being issued. You will be told how to enrol once the admission stage (1) has been validated.
  3. Educational enrolment stage
    This stage is where you choose and sign up for classes for the study year. It enables students to be allocated into tutorial groups. Educational enrolment cannot be carried out until administrative enrolment has been validated.

Note: the procedure is described in French.