Progress in socio-hydrology: a meta-analysis of challenges and opportunities
le 28 mars 2017De 11h à 12h
Le pôle de recherche "Physique des particules, astrophysique, géosciences, environnement et écologie" (PAGE) organise une conférence à l'occasion de la venue en France du Professeur Murugesu Sivapalan.
Socio-hydrology arose from the need to consider the two-way feedbacks between human and water systems in order to explain puzzles, paradoxes and unintended consequences that have arisen in the context of water management. This talk will include a critical review of past research on socio-hydrology through the prism of historical, comparative and process socio-hydrology. Much of the work done so far has involved studies of socio-hydrological systems in spatially isolated domains, with a focus on emergent patterns in the time domain, and modelling studies to test hypotheses about how they may have arisen. The talk will then articulate the need to extend socio-hydrology to explore phenomena in space and time, as the world becomes increasingly globalized and human-water systems become highly interconnected. Endogenization of human agency in terms of values and norms, technology, economics and trade, must now be extended to space and to space-time to address problems more holistically.


Pr Murugesu Sivapalan
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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