A foundation to bring businesses, research professors and students closer together!
To strengthen its impact in view of the many challenges of the 21st century, the Université Grenoble Alpes has created a partnership foundation, a strategic facility for innovation and development: using this foundation, the university intends to boost the impact it has on the challenges of today and tomorrow, regionally and internationally.

The foundation aspires to combine sciences and cultures in order to advance knowledge and to get young people ready to build the world of tomorrow. It encourages the emergence of pioneering projects and generates resources.

The Université Grenoble Alpes Foundation has established four priorities:

  • Research: the Foundation is a major funding lever for research and for closer relations with the economic fabric. It supports the creation of industrial chairs and encourages interdisciplinarity.
  • Education: the Foundation supports the development of innovative teaching techniques, responding to the needs of the economy.
  • High-performance sport: the foundation encourages the academic and sporting success of students who are elite athletes.
  • Scholarship programme: equal opportunities for young people with initiatives – encouraging talented young people to succeed.