La future Maison de la création et de l'innovation
La Maison de la création et de l'innovation © Jacques Ripault Architecture

A university on the move

Inventing new languages and practices thanks to the potential of the imaginary, different cultures and the arts.

  • Artistic Using creation and innovation bringing together the humanities and social sciences to federate human and social sciences.
  • Imaginative research and teaching platforms to combine approaches.
  • New encounters and projects serving and buiding communities.

An academic ambition

Help us rise to the challenges that our society and territory are faced with:

  • Studying the human and societal issues surrounding innovation and creation which relate to the objectives established by IDEX, University of Innovation.
  • Stimulating paradox, favouring the unknown in the hope of serendipity.
  • Encouraging creation, collaboration, sensitive experience, development.
  • Cooperating while respecting the diversity of human and non-human communities.
  • Welcoming collaborative and/or experimental projects in fully fitted and adjustable spaces by bringing together a wide variety of skill.
  • Encouraging projects that bring together individuals from different fields: researchers, students, artists, professionals, social actors, etc.
  • Inventing new ways of cooperating to tackle complex problems.