The Université Grenoble-Alpes has a significant role to play in the field of gender equality, by creating an environment conducive to recognising and promoting women and to student diversity within courses.
The focus areas are multifaceted and cross-cutting and include:

  • Recruitment,
  • Written and visual communication,
  • Relationships with and between students,
  • Education
  • Support in course and career choices,
  • Combating harassment.
The UGA brings together disciplines which vary in terms of their equality-linked challenges and issues, and institutions which have had different policies. The significant size of our new university must also be taken into consideration.

Working towards generalising certain systems

In particular making it easier to return after maternity and paternity leave and taking maternity leave into account when assessing dossiers.

Step in with additional measures

Ensure women are promoted in sciences whilst simultaneously promoting men in humanities. Indeed, it is vital to develop a joint view of gender equalities and to also perceive the benefits of greater gender equality for men.

Helping to gain momentum in certain fields

Unit for combating sexual harassment, childcare services, discrimination, career monitoring, student guidance, behaviour of students and faculty staff, specific education and cross-disciplinary education, amongst other fields of action.

The development of new actions, which respond to the growing demands of staff, the public and the government in this area, must be made easier.