24/03/2020 - COVID-19: Information for students currently studying in a partner institution abroad

On the  March 30, 2020
This information concerns all UGA students with the exception of those studying at Grenoble INP, Sciences Po and/or ENSAG.

Continue or interrupt your mobility?

If the partner institution allows it, you are not obliged to interrupt your study mobility. You will have to comply with the new study arrangements put in place by the partner institution, if applicable. Remember to take into account the question of accommodation to before making a decision, as several campuses and residences are closing. You must inform your relevant structure of your decision and give regular updates on your state of health.

If you wish to return to France or if the host partner institution requires you to return, we strongly advise you make the necessary arrangements for a rapid return, while commercial flights remain available.

Before returning, you must:

  1. Report to your embassy or local consular services (in France if you are a French national, or those of your country of origin). Please note that the delays for this procedure can be long, as the situation must be managed by the authorities at an international level.
    For French nationals, you must register via the Ariane application if you have not already done so.
  2. Contact your private insurance company to find out about the terms and conditions of coverage and to request activation of your repatriation.
  3. Inform your relevant structure at UGA, the host institution, and UGA’s Scholarships Department (bourses-mobilite@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr) of your decision, the latter if you are receiving a mobility scholarship.
  4. Stay up to date on the conditions of return via your airline’s and your embassy’s Twitter accounts, and on the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs website (MEAE).

Despite the gradual suspension of most air services, the MEAE will set up an international air transport plan with mobilized companies, according to local priorities and emergencies, and will allow French nationals to book a return ticket with a company. Practical arrangements will be specified shortly. However, if you wish to return home and your host country is still open to commercial flights, take the above-mentioned measures without delay.

Emergency accommodation while waiting to return to France

www.sosuntoit.fr is an emergency service that puts you in touch with French people living abroad who offer temporary accommodation to those waiting to return to France.

Financial consequences in case of early return

In the event of early return from your study period abroad, the financial consequences for students receiving the following mobility grants are as follows:

BRMIE regional grant

There will be no claims for reimbursement of the BRMIE regional grant.

You will need to send to the UGA Scholarships Unit by email (bourses-mobilite@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr) at least one final certificate completed, dated, signed and stamped by your host institution.

If you have any problems obtaining this document, contact the Scholarships Department. They will advise you, in view of the dates indicated on the certificate, how to proceed (closing the grant as is or payment of the balance) on a case-by-case basis.

AMI grant (Aide à la mobilité internationale) from CROUS

There will be no claims for reimbursement for the AMI grant.

You will keep your AMI grant even if the monthly instalments paid cover more than the actual duration of your mobility.

Erasmus+ grant

The Erasmus+ Agency (which finances and defines the rules relating to the Erasmus+ grant) is adapting the procedure known as "force majeure" for mobilities not carried out or interrupted due to the health crisis. Full information on the steps to be taken will be available shortly.

a precautionary measure, keep the invoices for the costs inherent to your early return (plane ticket, train ticket, etc.). They could be useful for possible coverage, and within the limit of the initial grant (based on the information we have at the moment).

Students who have returned to France but whose online courses are provided by their host institution will be notified whether or not they will continue to receive their scholarship during this period.

More information is available on: https://generation.erasmusplus.fr/coronavirus-quel-impact-sur-ma-mobilite/

You can obtain information from the DGD International and Territorial Development Scholarships Department via bourses-mobilite@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr.

For students receiving other mobility grants, UGA is looking for solutions; students concerned will be informed.

Education continuity

UGA and its partners abroad are implementing adapted training modalities to allow students to continue their studies despite this exceptional context in order to validate their training.

In case of an early return to France, you must, on your arrival, contact your relevant structure at UGA (study manager) and your former host institution in order to define the best possible solution to enable you to complete your study program.

Published on  March 30, 2020
Updated on March 30, 2020