17/03/2020 - COVID-19: Information for students

On the  March 17, 2020
Your university learning environment will be strongly impacted in the coming weeks by the governmental actions decreed on Thursday 12th and Monday 16th March. UGA has worked tirelessly to put in place a measures and activities to ensure educational continuity, this to guarantee that your study conditions are the least impaired as possible. This message summarizes the decisions taken by the institutions and the university, which will be in force until further notice.

General elements:

  • UGA buildings are no longer accessible to the public. There are no more face-to-face lectures.
  • Communication between the institution and the students is based on the email addresses @etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr. You must check your email daily.
  • The continuity of education activities rely on the digital tools provided by the school (Moodle, Chamilo or any other tool used by the teachers), which will be ket up to date by your teachers. Your privileged contacts are:
    • For each teaching: the teacher in charge of the course
    • For the general organization of your course: your training manager and your school manager

We are aware that some of you may not have access to computer equipment or an internet connection. If you are in this situation, we ask that you report to your relevant structure via your training manager.

  • We will be able to adapt our evaluation methods to meet the new situation. Your learning and administrative teams will contact you to inform you of any changes.
  • Certain exams will most likely be postponed, especially those that were to be held before April 1, 2020. Your learning teams will contact you to inform you of any changes.
There will be no attendance control based on the connection to the education platforms.

Students in internship or mobility:

  • No further students will be going on internships. If the traineeship period has already started, the traineeship can continue if the host organization is able to provide teleworking conditions. However, the traineeship may be interrupted if the trainee so wishes.
  • Signatures of agreements not yet signed are suspended.
  • Departures abroad in a university setting are suspended.
  • Students in mobility abroad may interrupt their mobility and return to France if they wish.

Any inability to carry out or finish an internship in France or abroad will be considered to the student's advantage: validation of the university year will not be affected by this situation.

Any impossibility to carry out or finish a mobility abroad will be considered to the student's advantage: the validation of the year will not be impacted by this situation.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and above all do not abandon your studies.

Rest assured that the whole of UGA is mobilized to ensure you the most complete end of semester possible. We remind you of the importance of respecting all the rules of prevention issued by the authorities.

Published on  March 20, 2020
Updated on March 20, 2020