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Created in 1907, the Alpine Geography Institute (IGA) is one of the oldest and largest university institutions for geography in France, welcoming Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral students to a dedicated campus (Cité des territoires).

At the IGA, around 50 lecturers and researchers alongside around 100 non-university professionals prepare students for careers related to geography in the fields of planning, the environment and sustainable development. The facility offers an array of courses including Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees, combining initial training, continuing education and work-linked training. Emphasis is given to forward observation, support with decision-making and management and innovation in economic development, the environment and sustainable development, especially in mountainous areas and urban spaces, in regional areas, the rest of France and abroad.


The IGA offers 3 Bachelor's degrees, 3 vocational Bachelor's degrees and 7 Master's degrees. Whether the teaching has a professional or research focus, it always takes into account our societies' current issues, in processes of technical and territorial innovation, and by using new technologies (Geomatics, digital technology and open data for example). Thus topics being dealt with include sustainable development, climate change, resource management, challenges related to transition, North-South inequalities, natural risks, territorial and local development, public action, water resources and the reclassification of urban, rural and mountainous areas. The teaching in geography emphasises experimentation and practical work including fieldwork. Whilst also giving a significant role to professional speakers, internships and workshops.


Most of the research professors work on scientific subjects linked to territorial management and development; but others are involved with laboratories which specialise in Geosciences and the Environment, or Informatics and Geomatics or Spatial Analysis and Geogovernance.

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Alongside numerous partnerships with professional bodies, institutions and authorities, the IGA also offers, in particular, important educational links with the Grenoble Institute of Town Planning (IUG) and the ENSAG.